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Associations & Certifications

Associations & Certifications

Mrs Anna Dansicar-Thomas, Principal Designer and Proprietor of Interiors’ Final Touch has been an accomplished member of the following associations:

Window Coverings Association of America (Trinidad & Tobago Chapter)

The WCAA, originally part of the National Decorating Products Association founded in 1993 and today has more than 1000 members throughout the North America, Europe and The Caribbean. The Window Coverings Association of America is the only national nonprofit trade association dedicated to the retail window coverings industry and its dealers, decorators, designers, and workrooms who are our members. Mrs. Dansicar-Thomas was a member since the Trinidad & Tobago Chapter was formed and she also held various executive positions for several years.

We Make Color Easy – Dewey Color System

The Dewey Color System is a series of scientifically valid, multi-patented color preference tests* that predicts all major, recognized psychometric personality factors, traits, etc without relying on lengthy imprecise questionnaires. This Dewey Color System represents 16 years of cumulative research; it allows you to confidently match colors for client projects who no hassle or costly mistakes. Mrs. Dansicar-Thomas is a Certified Dewey Color Consultant.

Drapery & Design Professional

This is a network of over 1000 professionals who design and create window treatments, home and soft furnishings.  It provides a variety of forums on different topics regarding the industry. Everything you need to know about the business from sewing to selling, decorating to pricing, upholstery to installation and much more is available. You can find a million tips, tricks, techniques, questions, answers and recommendations from professionals all over the world. Mrs. Dansicar-Thomas is a former member of this association.

Certified Workroom Professional

Mrs. Dansicar-Thomas is a Certified Workroom Professional.